Experience Strategy
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Brand Innovation Sprint

MY ROLE: I helped lead ideation sessions, created illustrations for the books and deck, and recorded the boring voice over. 


This work was developed by the client as part of the new Casper Sleep Channel.

Can a brand own sleep?



How can Casper go beyond mattresses to become a knowledgable authority in the sleep category? 


Casper can own the period of time before going to bed, creating brand loyalty through bedtime rituals.


Empower people to discover their sleep ritual with personalized subscription boxes and sleep-inducing digital content.


Bedtime Rituals

Most of us had a consistent sleep routine as a kid. We took a bath, put on our pajamas, or read a bedtime story. But as adults, our routine tends to change. We read our phones in bed, watch TV and nap on the couch.

Casper already makes the best mattress, but focusing on what people actually do before getting into bed will allow Casper to gain authority and compete more broadly in the sleep category.


The Casper Nap Sack subscription box

A box, bag, tea, and candle

This box, sent to customers monthly, includes partner products with other leading brands in the sleep and relaxation ritual categories.

Customer feedback can inform future Casper products. For instance, if the partnership products with Homesick candles prove popular, Casper may choose to enter that market.



Casper customers are invited to take a personalization quiz to determine their “sleep ritual type,” a colorful mascot that represents their pre-sleep needs — and informs what will be in their Nap Sack subscription box.


An Engaging Survey

Users answer detailed questions about their habits, work/life balance, and sleep preferences. Questions are presented one at a time so they don't appear overwhelming.

The first question is presented right on the landing page to give users the impression that they're already making progress, and to demonstrate how easy the questions will be to answer.


You’re Not Alone!

Reaffirming details peppered along the way show that Casper is non-judgmental about their sleep habits, and makes users feel like part of a live community.

The copywriting tone is kept light-hearted and easy to read to keep users engaged.


What’s Your Type?

The quiz identifies the user's sleep personality via playful personalities that lean more "Buzzfeed quiz" than "medical advice."

Adorable illustrations in Casper's signature style make results memorable and shareable on social media.


We’re not here to judge your rituals.

People have a lot of sleep rituals that may not be the textbook ideal. We watch TV before bed, read on our phones, look at social media — in general, all those things we know we shouldn’t do.

Well, we aren’t here to judge those rituals.

But we are going to meet you there.


For the Restless Readers

Truly Boring Fairy Tales: familiar stories with all that exciting conflict removed.


For the late-night bingers

Casper S’News: Boring history to put you to sleep.




Casper liked our ideas so much, they made some of them! With the launch of the Casper sleep channel just a few months later, you can now doze off to our versions of Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Three Little Pigs. While they expanded the stories to be even more boring, they used a lot of our lines. Don’t click play until you’re ready for a nap.


Meet the team 


Zak Vono
Experience Design


Paul Atienza
Creative Brand Management


Lauren Acampora
Art Direction


Dixon Muller


Ruthie Edwards
Experience Design

Andrew Allen

Appendix: Sprint Process


Design Principles


The tone reinforces the fact that there's no "right way" to sleep — everyone is different.


Show people they're not alone by peppering in survey results and customer quotes.


Casper isn't qualified to give medical advice, so find ways to instill trust in a light-hearted and fun way.


We used a custom sprint method that involved lots of post-its, some wistful window gazing, teaching each other new ways to roll your pant cuffs, watching strange Japanese mascot videos, and distilling crazy ideas down into a coherent package.

We won some pillows.